The Tax Organizer is designed to assist you with preparing your information for our meeting. The Tax Organizer is comprised of seven parts, each developed to assist you in collecting relevant tax information needed to properly prepare your tax return.

To access any of the parts, click on the part number box below. Once completed, you can bring the pages along with any additional or required documentation (listed in Part 7) to our office to prepare your taxes.

Required for ALL returns - Includes Instructions, Taxpayer Information, Dependents, Estimated Taxes, IRA Activity, Miscellaneous Income and Refund Direct Deposit Information.

Needed if itemizing your deductions - Charitable Contributions, Education Expenses, Miscellaneous Deductions, and Casualty Losses.

Dependents, Interest & Dividend Income and Stock Sales.

Travel Expenses, Away-from-home Expenses, Moving Expenses, Home Sale & Purchase and Office-in-the-home.

Needed if itemizing your deductions - Medical Expenses, Deductible Taxes, Interest Deductions, and Child Care Expenses.

Rental & Business Income.

Required for ALL returns - Final checklist of documents and records needed.

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